Ground Support EquipmentTracking and Control
Safety and Area Access Control
Location Status and Monitoring
Improve Maintenance Procedures


Eximia introduces MeerKat for GSE, monitoring and control Ground Support Equipment.


Find here the list of the MeerKat for GSE features, applications and functionalities.


Meerkat is able to integrate and control multiple location techs within a single framework.


Main benefits
of MeerKat for GSE Control & Tracking.

Why us?

Eximia, RFId Company since 2003

Eximia is a RFId company founded in 2003 that provides products, develops applications and solutions, based on RFId technologies, with end-to-end approach.

The distinctive skills of Eximia regarding products, know-how design, the experiences, the vast and deep knowledge of RFId products are currently available and under development in the world market, become an indispensable asset to design and implement projects and solutions for successful RFId.

Eximia provides services and solutions based on RFId architectures for companies that need a more efficient management of security systems, anti-counterfeiting, supply chain, payments / transactions, asset control, access control and tracking of goods, vehicles and people.

RFId technology and applications are now ripe for applications that provide a return on investment very quickly. New products, ever more efficient and competitive, are constantly being developed and made available with a very high frequency, allowing the design and construction of more efficient solutions.

Eximia has established partnerships with leading companies in the research and production of RFId technologies in the world, reports that help you understand and get a preview of new products and RFId technologies, promoting the growth of skills to design and deliver the best solution for its customers.

Eximia is certified ISO 9001

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The Unique proposition components

  • Complete set of tags
    • Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and GPS
    • Battery Powered and Line Powered
    • Industrial quality standard
    • Different form factor
  • Unique communication Infrastructure
    • Mash network for indoor UWB Anchors (Battery Powered)
    • Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) for gateways and tags
  • Unique Software platform
    • Advanced Graphical User Interface
    • Business Intelligence and rule engine
    • Open Architecture


pdf Download the Meerkat brochure here.

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