Our advantages

  • Real time tracking and monitoring via aGPS, for airport ground support equipment (luggage trolley, escalators for passengers, push back tractors, baggage belts, powered and non powered, etc.);
  • Access control with proximity card and biometric technology for critical areas (air traffic control tower, hangars, restricted areas);
  • Asset management and inventory procedures automation.

Our values

Airports are probably one of the areas subjected to greater control in all operations that are carried out daily.
The need to protect passengers, staff, technical equipment, technical plants and properties from possible security breaches, is having a strong interest on the part of companies and organizations for public transport, which are looking for innovative solutions to resolve complex and sensitive issues of security management..

The term “security” does not only mean the inspection of luggage and passengers in transit, but also the control of the ground support equipment, the access control to critical areas such as hangars and control tower.

There are also important aspects of airport assets management, logistics of the goods in transit and so on.

The high technology solutions that Eximia researches and develops for airports, include among the others, RFID, Wi-Fi, GPS, UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technologies, in order to offer a complete range of solutions to our valuable customers.

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